Joined the IPhone generation!

I finally did it and darn if hubby isn’t thrilled to pieces!
Now I don’t look all dated and ancient "flipping" open my phone to have a conversation. How 2007!
I even got a cool new case for it. Hubby was pretty impressed with how fancy it was!

It is definitely a cool tool. My friend L is thrilled that I now text.Previously i just didn’t want to, i couldn’t type fast enough, and i was like, just ring me for goodness sake.
Well the option on theiphone is 200 texts or unlimited…  So i went with 200. I think i’m at15 so far and it’s been over a week, so i think i’ll be good with thelimited plan!

I like having the ability to look thinks up, use the urban spoon to pick places to eat, see the yelp reviews…  I"m pretty dang happy!  I even synched up my itunes so i have my christmas tunes with me at all times!  ;)



Here is a cool site for tidbits on hidden features

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