Spa day

Stina asked me if I would join her at tduring my visit. She didn’t give any more details then we should “hang” in the pools and get a body scrub because it was like a re-birth. I’m always up for pampering so I did a quick view of the website, confirmed it was naked in the pools (I hate having to put on a bathing suit for that) and said yeah, count me in.


It turned out if you are shy at all, skip this place! I’m not shy, and that was a good thing! Basically the day was spent naked and wet!!


When you arrive you get your small thin packet, your locker key and are told to remove your shoes and put them in your numbered spot!


You then head to the locker area and out on your “outfit” Which is a earily similar to concentration camp stripes! You are given a “beanie” with pink and white stripes to keep your hair under control! You are also given a think hospital style robe, a small towel and a large towel.


You head into the “pool” area and put your small towel in your cubby (leave your big towel in your locker, save that for last or bring an extra). You head to the showers and clean up using some amazing stuff! They have all different flavors. I washed my hair 3 times during my stay just so I could try all the flavors – lavender, cucumber something or other, and melon ginger. Ahhhhh…..


After your shower, you put on your beanie and head – yes, just your beanie – and head to the pools. This place is basically naked required, well no it is naked required. No clothes allowed. There were a number of different pools – a 94 degree pool, 104 degree pool, a 90 degree pool and a COLD, ice cold with a water fall pool. There were also a steam room and a dry sauna. We needed to soak prior to our “scrub” for at least 40 minutes. We soaked, and soaked and soaked. We drank our water and drank our water and drank our water and then realized it was now 11:45 and we were a bit nauseous from all the heat! Stina confirmed out appointment time which was indeed 11…  sigh. Apparently there was some training going on at the front desk and even though we had an appointment they had forgotten to send our numbers back to the scrubber gals. Sigh…  BTW- you are indeed just a number. You are your locker number. Whatever services you have, it is by your number. So keep your key with you!


They finally called us. I had been watching how the scrubbing happened and I was a little nervous…  They get pretty personal. They have this little mittens that they use to exfoliate your ENTIRE body. Yup the whole thing! They rub you about 6 times with these mitten, slothing off your dead skin cells. In between they pour hot water over you. Can I tell you how amazing that feels? So amazing! It’s a simple thing, but so relaxing and so wonderful! If I could figure out how to make this happen at home!

They do your boobs, they get pretty close to your butt crack and sometimes slip pretty far up when doing the inner thighs. Again not something for the shy or faint of heart!


After the slothing exercise, they do a foamy rough soap type of thing! Mmmmm…

They put a nice warm touwel over your face and give you a mini facial…

At the end they do a little massage on the shoulders and send you back out into the pool area. Oh my goodness – I am so soft and such a limp noodle!


After the scrub we went for lunch. I’ve noticed others did not enjoy the meal as much as I did. But I also have not experienced much Asian or Korean food while living in Denver. So I thoroughly enjoyed my meal! I did the BBQ shrimp and wow was it good! Tons of veggies! Yummy sauce! I would suggest skipping the shrimp just do to the fact that they were delivered to the table with the shells which made for a messy meal. But wow was it good! The meal started with a wide selection of kim chi and salad thingies…  Mmmmm!

They gave us hot tea and mmmmm!


After our meal we headed over to the warm rooms! There are about 7 different types of rooms with different temperatures and different meanings! The salt room was 150 degrees with the floor being a canvas cloth over rock salt. Really calming and neat, but too dang hot for me! I sent to the “reading” room which was a mere 90 degrees, with lights on and tons of magazines. Stina stayed in the salt room for a while more, and I headed back to the Pools for more wet heat and more shampoos!!


We ended our day around 3pm. It was an extremely relxaing day. I felt soft, smelled good, and was really relaxed! I’ll definitely come back again! I would probably add in a massage and pedicure to round out the day!!