In Seattle

I decided to take some time off after my last pottery show and hang with my BFF from high school – Stina! You know, the one that “we are never in the same state at the same time” friend? We did it!


I arrived Thursday around 2 and had my mom-in-law pick me up! We battled the traffic to downtown! It was an hour for a 20 minute ride, but it gave us some quality mom/daughter time! Yeah!!! 

We checked in with ease at the Red Lion and got rooms on the 20th floor facing Pikes Market! Woohoo!!!   (Thanks tom and john for the room!!)

We attempted to head out and see the city or at least have a good happy hour but the rain was just too intense! We were soaked in a matter of minutes. So we retreated to the hotel bar and enjoyed a glass of happy hour wine for me and water for MIL. The bartender was great about keeping our water glasses full too! We got the crab and shrimp nacho. It was not a bad deal for $4! I was also intrigued by the other options but MIL doesn’t like spicy food so we decided to head down stairs to the Elephant & Castle.

When we arrived it was just 5ish and not too crowded.  But our waitress was given a large table at the same time as us. She suggested a good merlot, but never returned to fill our water glasses (and for anyone that has experienced dining with me, I need A LOT of water). The warm spinach salad was missing something- so don’t order that! MIL liked her pot stickers a lot though! Our last visit here wasn’t all the great, so I’m not sure I’ll return if we hit Seattle again.

We hung out and attempted to watch TV and bond, but I was just too pooped. So at 8:30 I was sound asleep in my big giant bed!!!