Day 2 in seattle!

Friday I awoke after a lovely many hour sleep in my lovely big bed and attempted to hit the gym. Unfortunately there were many others that had that same thought! So I ended up not getting in a work out. Sigh. But I did attempt to do a chakra balancing yoga thingy.  It was ok, but not a sweaty workout!


Mom-in-law grabbed me for some coffee and a parfait and then we were off for some wine tasting!

We started with Columbia Vineyard, then St Michelle and finally Red Hook for lunch!

We had a great time! We tasted some great wine and we had a nice lunch together!

I brought the Syrah to share with Stina and her hubby for the rest of the weekend!


After our lovely morning, MIL and I headed back to Seattle to Stina’s house. We of course got lost! Par for the course!


For the afternoon stina and I did generic stuff! Like a trip to Trader Joes! Man do I miss Trader Joes! Such great yummy fresh fruit, and frozen goodness and just everything great!  Sigh!!!


We walked around University of Washington and the downtown area!

It was fun! And great to see an old university!


For dinner we went to Blue C Sushi! It’s once of those conveyor belt type places! We went early but still had a great time and ate tons!


After that I got to watch Stina deal with the wee ones and remind myself why I’m really not cut out for parenthood!!!


We had some adult time after kiddo bed time and watched CSI!


I slept till 7am!!  Wow, and yeah me!!  I’ll tell you all about my "spa" experience tomorrow!