The season can now begin!

Thanksgiving is over, the dishes are done, the carcus is bubbling on the stove (well not mine, but if you have one you want to donate I’d be happy to share the soup)…

So now it can begin!

Our tree is up, the lights are on, the skirts is around the base and there are even presents underneath! The first batch of chex mix has been made and eaten, 3 types of cookies have already been baked, and it has snowed… So yes, Christmas may begin!!


The cookies are headed for the freezer so the family has some snacks when they are here!

(coconut oatmeal chocolate chip, snicker doodles (2007 version), and chocolate cocoa slices)

We will be decorating the tree this evening and I can’t wait! The grinch will be playing and maybe even my new movie that hubby got me – frosty the snow man (think he’s trying to keep me from playing the grinch on repeat?)


We got phillip a chrstmas kerchief and he sure will look dapper! Had it on him for practice earlier today!


If you need me today I’ll be wrapping more presents, doing chores and maybe a bit more baking!


Happy holiday season to all!