Lazy Bear Holiday Party Re-cap

Last week Lazy Bear Pottery joined a fabulous group of women for an annual holiday shopping party! It used to be at my house when we had a too big house down in Highlands Ranch. But my friend Judy of Callie’s Barkery was kind enough to open her house for everyone to join us!! We had a fun time, with lots of

Judy makes home made dog bisquits that my bubbah loves! LOVE!! I tend not to get the most popular peanut butter cause phillip’s tummy boycotts that, but the breakfast scones – oh yeah! He eats those up fast! There are a number of different shapes and flavors! Some for small dogs and some for big dogs and some for birthdays and training. I love them!

Recycle Fashionably is a company started by my good friend and her daughter! They hand sew different size yoga bags (made for sweaty bikram clothes), as well as lined grocery bags! They are fabulous! I have one to carry all my stuff in addition to my matt and I love it! Fabulous and fun colors, machine washable and just so versatile! They last a long time! The original pattern was from 1970ish and that bag is still kickin!

My friend Jessica (jnaumann85 at yahoo dot com)was there doing free chair massages! Oh My Gawd fabulous!

I used to go to Jessica all the time when I lived down south. Unfortunately I’m way down town now. I do tend to work it so if I am down there I try and see her as well! If you need a masseuse, check her out, she’s great!

My other friend Dawn was there selling Silpada Jewelry. I LOVE Silpada. I am addicted to it. I usually know the catalog forward and back and have a list a mile long of what I’ll buy next! I’ve cut myself down to 1 piece a party… Sigh… So sad. Such great stuff! But I guess I only have 2 ears, 1 neck and 2 wrists…   (if you want to see her personal site you can email her – silversky0806 at yahoo dot com

Traveling vineyard was also there supplying us with lovely tastes of goodness! There are some definite finds at Traveling Vineyard! So great! There is a Reserve Merlot that is just amazing. And a Moscato that just fizes your nose at desert! I have enjoyed some other wondrous choices and can’t wait for my case of yummies to arrive sometime soon!

We also had Tish there with her Salt City Candles. Mmmmmm! Love them too! Can you see why I started doing the multi vendor party in the first place? Such great stuff that I love! There were some new scents for Christmas that I picked up, can’t wait to light them up! They are all soy- so no icky black smoke. And she has some great accessories, a candle wick dipper to put it out and a candle wick cutter to keep it under control! Love it! Make sure to get her contact info from me since buying from the online site leaves her in without any sales! She does a ton of shows in the Denver/Colorado area and just smelling these things will make you fall in love!


So if anyone needs some christmas presents, check out these fabulous ladies!