Date Night

Saturday night  was date night! It was my turn to plan the outing! Hubby helped a little by reminding me that I had free day at the Denver Art Museum on my calendar! So I decided we could head down around 2pm so that most people would be heading home! I’m pretty smart that way, eh?


We hadn’t been since the new wing had opened. The structure looks pretty cool and I can’t wait to try the new restaurants.


The new art in the new building is somewhat interesting. One of the traveling installations was a bit more bizarre than was expected. I enjoyed the are when they have the “What is Art” question and everyone writes their answer on a sticky note and puts it on the wall! Great exercise. Obviously some of the answers were crap, but many answers were very introspective!


We were a little disappointed that nothing in the old building appeared to have changed. There was one small glass exhibit, and a weird chair thing. But the rest was the same old same old. Sigh…


We did manage to find the Big Blue Bear on our way out. So we have now supported a local artist and have a piece of Denver in our home!


After the museum we ate at PJ Changs – one of Hubby’s favorites.