Blindness and Paramount Cafe

Blindness – Movie


We had a “date afternoon” today and saw this movie. I’m pretty sure I read a book that started the same as the movie. It was definitely an interesting movie. Lost of OMG moments where you come out wondering, could that really happen and what would I have done?? Some scenes were definitely disturbing, hence the makes you think part.

It was a nice day to enjoy a movie! The broncos were playing at home, so no-one was there – woohoo! I think Sunday home games will have to be our day to go to the movies!!


Prior to the movie we stopped at Paramount Cafe for a bite. That was definitely a disappointment.  . I went with the ahi tuna Caesar salad and hubby the chicken tenders.  The salad was pretty weak – the lettuce was wilted, the tuna was not recently seared and the dressing had been sitting around and had a skin…  Not an impressive meal. Hubby enjoyed his, but of course as he said – how can you mess up tenders!  The waitress was amazing!! She was peppy, kept my water full, and was on top of our needs! I can’t say I’d eat a meal there again, but maybe visit for happy hour!