Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!

A sailor walks into a bar and sees a pirate at the bar. He says to him, "I see you lost a leg, an arm, and an eye, how’d that happen?"
The pirate answers, "I lost me leg when a cannonball came through the side of the ship and took it clean off at the knee."  
The sailor looks at him and exclaims, "Well that is a mighty pirate-like thing to do! How’d ya loose yer arm there?"
The pirate answers, "I lost me arm in a sword fight that cut me arm off to a stump and now have to use this here hook in its place." 
To this the sailor says, "Well that is certainly also a might pirate-like thing to do also! How’d ya loose yer eye there?"
Here the pirate pauses and then responds, "I lost me eye one day when I looked up at the sky and a bird pooped in me eye."
      He sees the sailor now looks puzzled, so the pirate goes on to explain, "First day with the me hook!"