One thought on “Habit or OCD?

  1. When I drove to work, I always parked in the same spot, but that’s because I was usually the first one there and I just took the first spot. I think everyone else got more used to it than I did because on the occasions when someone arrived ahead of me, they would leave that first spot for me. As for the bathroom, we have single-user restrooms, so I don’t have the favorite stall opportunity.

    But I do have other little obsessions. My silverware (Fiestaware) has large and small spoons and forks. I can only use the small ones to eat (I only use the bigger ones for serving or preparing). I can’t read a magazine if it has those stupid little subscription cards in it. The first thing I do when I get a magazine is go through it and rip all of those out. Then, and only then, can I read the magazine.

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