Gem LAke Hike

Monday hubby and I headed up to Estes Park to enjoy the last of the holiday weekend!

I picked the hike to Gem Lake. It was a little less than 4 miles round trip so we were ok with the late start we got! We stopped at Subway for a picnic lunch!


We arrived at the trailhead and were happy to see that there was plenty of parking!


The hike was not a death march but we definitely worked up asweat! There was even a solar powered potty near the top!

When we did arrive atthe top the view was amazing!!!

It was such a great view and so neat!


The only downside was that since the hike wasn’t too difficult there were a ton of children along with parental units that let them run wild, screaming and carrying on. And let me indicate that the screaming was being done at this lovely lake, a lake that was really a granite hole, inside a granite alley which means of course – ECHO’s…  Grrrr… Nothing like ruining a perfectly wonderful natural spot.


All in all, it was a wonderful hike! We might try it again when the leaves turn!


One thought on “Gem LAke Hike

  1. If you and John get a day during the week when you can go back, I would suggest that…go when the kids are in school. Or try to go first thing in the morning on a weekend, before the kids are out of bed. Or maybe dinner time might be a good time?

    I can understand kids trying out the echo-thing, but the constant screaming drives me up a wall. My father had a rule in our house: if someone’s screaming, someone better be bleeding.

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