Cooking up a storm!

I was a cooking maniac today!

I started with asian cucumber salad, washed and individualized my grapes for the week, cut up my kiwi for the week, squeezed my costco size bag of lemons which lead to lemon sorbet and a new trial of lemon buttermilk sorbet, then made some eggplant pizzas to freeze for future eating, then onto the recipe of the day – beef bourgiuignonne, some hot n sweet broccoli and asparagus, hot chili spinach, creamed spinach gratin, and some wheat bowtie pasta to accompany the bourgiuignonne.

I was pondering cookies…  but decided 7 hours in the kitchen was enough! I did throw in some laundry, and of course the tv was on so i could catch up on my "stories" as my gram used to call them!