Busy Busy week!

Busy Busy week!


Monday was chick dinner at Encore. A wonderful meal supporting local food.

Tuesday was drama with our rental property. Prior to September 1st, our current renter decided to re-unite with her husband and break her lease. So at the most in-opportune time – new jobs, really busy week, we had to get the new place in order and ready for rental. Ugh!

Wednesday was hubby’s Ignite event! It was a complete success and we had a great time. A really really great time. Like too much beer of a good time! But a good time none the less, the attendees appeared to enjoy themselves. The presentations were great!

Thursday was to be a networking night, but I was a bit tired from the week and the adventures the night before!!

Friday Eric arrived for our weekend of fun! We had some friends over in addition to Eric and did our Beer Can Chicken, along with buttermilk chives biscuits and some other yummies!

We spent the weekend tasting beers and watching sports.