Whatcha been doing?



I got to head back to Denver with all the brains on Wednesday night!

There were folks from a couple of the main technical companies that call Denver home!

Fun group of guys! I got eat dinner with Hubby’s new boss while we waited for the plane. I think I had babble mouth, but he seemed to take me pretty well! (in case it wasn’t clear, hubby wasn’t with me, so I had no chaperone to keep my mouth shut!)


Thursday was my last read day on my previous job. I was on site at a client helping them get their system under way! It was a great day! It started with a long drive with my favorite boss, a stop at Dunkin’s, a successful day on the job, Chinese food for lunch and home after traffic! Who could ask for more?


Friday was the good bye happy hour. I had a bit of fun! Ok, a lot of fun. I think I’ve almost recovered!


Saturday I did manage to get up (I tend not to sleep well ifI imbibe… sigh) and hit the gym! Yeah me! At the new gym I’m still trying tofigure out how to use all the weight machines, but the leg one definitelyworked!


Saturday night we took a walk down town to see how things were shaping up for the Democratic National Convention. There were a TON of swat out and about! We think there might have been an incident, but we weren’t sure and didn’t want to hang out to long to check it out. The other thing we noticed was all the Blue Mail boxes were gone. Gone Gone. As in bolts cut and mail boxes removed from the sidewalks. Grrrr…  And me with a package to mail.



Today (Sunday)  we finally got hubby a new office chair. His old one was pretty worn out! After lunch and a nap we got to work on hubby’s peg board in the garage! I think we did a pretty good job! And I think I’m getting motivated to throw again!


We ended the day visiting a new park in the are – Sloan Lake Park. It’s a lake thatreminds me of a lake in Westminster Mass. The breeze off the water was great!Phillip thought it was a little too far! It was 3 miles! He did get to meetsome other dogs, and did his normal whining and weirdness! I really liked thepark. Some of the parts of it cross some not so great neighborhoods, but it wasstill plenty light out so I wasn’t nervous!




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