Flying is getting more and more annoying every day!


Today we got on a flight to San Jose from Denver and it appeared to be the newbie flight! No-one knew what they were doing.

We had moron dad in aisle 2 – the child was out of control and not disciplined. Sigh. Stupid dad. Grrr… 

Then the fella that during drink service wanted a set of head phones. They quickly put him in his place.

Then we had an idiot behind us that during approach called the stewardess and exclaimed that her ear hurt. The poor attendant was flabbergasted on how to help this idiot. She asked for a decongestant. The attendant was trying to explain that 1) she didn’t have any drugs to just hand out, and 2) if she did it would take at least a ½ an hour to kick in. Dang people are stupid.

We had a little weenie in the window seat, that of course had to go pee on a 2 hour flight. Sigh.

Then the stupid dad who forgot his wallet on the plane. He was attempting to bum rush the door to the plane after he was already in the terminal. He was flailing about exclaiming about leaving his wallet on the plane and the desk fella was trying to keep him from running out on the tarmac and essentially closing the airport!

Then the poor little fella that was son of  above stupid dad who after a vicious dip of the plane, lost his cookies for the entire rest of the flight.

And Tons of people that brought WAAAY to much luggage onto the plane.

It was a very annoying. With the increased price of food, drinks, bags, and stupid people, it might be my time to beg of flying for a while!

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