First day of school!

First day of school!


Today was Phillip’s first day at doggie day care. He’s been a little more clingy, lonely and annoying since the passing of his brother, so we decided to bring him down to doggie day care. He can work on his socializing skills as well as manners!


Well he didn’t get asked not to return. So that is a good thing.

But he did decide to try and exude his alphaness on the other big dogs that were at school with him! Some went with it, some nipped at him, and the definitely more aggresive dogs were just not having any of it! They put him in his place or were separated before anything went too far!

Next he decided since he had been in a house with only male members of his clan that he would try out his mounting skills on some of the other playmates. That did not go over well at all! He was told in no uncertain terms by the humpees that that was a no no!


Other than that he ran around and played and had a grand old time!


Since hubby and I both start jobs out of the house we figure a day or 2 at daycare might do him good!