Damage to the X5

The damage to the X5


Tuesday afternoon I dropped off the X5 for it to get fixed up. It was a great shop called Global Collision.  The staff was amazing. Very nice. Explained that they would return my car to it’s pre-accident wonder! Yeah – they get it!


I was a little worried since I had to trust the other guy’s insurance to pick the place to get my car fixed, but felt much better when I pulled up.


The people were friendly, the enterprise guy showed upquickly to give me another car to drive off in.

It was a Ford, but hey..  I get that it is free!


Wednesday afternoon they called with the estimate….  Over 4 grand! Holy COW! Are you kidding me! Apparently there was a bit of damage. The tie rod and suspension were whacked, my head light (xenon) needed to be replaced that alone was almost a grand of the estimate, and one of my baby fog lights and some other stuff. Glad it’s not out of my pocket eh? And they have to extend the rental for me!


All it all it had been a pretty stressless and pleasantexperience so far. Fingers crossed that they return my baby to it’s pristinecondition!

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