Cookbook version 1


So I printed out a black and white draft version of my cookbook. And can I just tell you – I LOVE IT! I love having all my recipes in one small bounded book! I can now fill the binder with the newest recipes that have made the cut! I have already redone some of the setup in the cookbook – like…  alphabetizing them! And finding more pictures! And spell checking some parts! I really love it! Kim loved it so much she wanted my recipes. I was joking with her that she needed to keep going with her version since she has a bunch that she needs to cook! But she liked the fact that these had passed our strict pallets!


So again – I highly recommend the printing via the fed-ex kinkos plug in! Such a cool thing!


So now I’m onto finding more fun and yummy recipes to add to my book! The only bad thing is it was going to be $50 to print in color… So I think I’ll keep making $14 black and white recycled paper version till it’s twice as big and then of course costs $100 to print!