Conference in San Jose

I’m in San Jose helping the hubby and Tom with the conference.

We arrived Friday afternoon to do some last minute items prior to the conference.

Then Tom and Hubby had din din for the wives for all their support and putting up with them – aren’t they cute! It was at a cute little restaurant called Consuelo Mexican Bistro.

We started with guacamole made at the table, and then hubby and split the chicken mole dish and got some fried plantains and a giant piece of corn bread! It was fabulous.


Saturday I got up at 7am Denver time and hit the gym! I needed to get my workout on to make up for all the yummy food! I had a weirdo stop by my machine and ask if I “ was going to be long”. I didn’t hear him at first so then he repeated – “how long will you be on the machine”. It had recently hopped on, so I said 45 minutes. His response – “So a while? Sigh”  I just nodded and smiled! Then, he had the audacity to ask me to turn down the TV. At which point I said “of course” smiled and then made a face at him after he had left.  Stupid people. Like I can hear the damn TV over all machines when they are running. Grrrrr.


The rest of Saturday we spent setting up for the conference. I put together badges – which meant I totally decimated my nails – ah the sacrifices I make for my hubby!  (tee hee)


Sunday was day 0 of the conference and man did the people descend! A lot of people arrived to partake of the “free” training offered to all paid attendees of conference.

I was getting pretty tired getting everyone all registered and giving them all their free stuff!

Speaking of free stuff – I HATE GRUBBY PEOPLE

OK, now that I have that off my chest! Seriously I know that customer service is important and I really want the fellas to do well and be successful but it is really hard for me to deal with people that are always trying to get all that they can get for free. Grrrr…

Hubby and Tom were kind enough to allow people to continue to register past sell out point with the caveat that they would not receive their swag (the free stuff) until everyone else that had registered on time came thru and receiver their deserved free stuff!


So many people just didn’t get it and were annoyed that they didn’t get what everyone else had received, except for the fact that they got to actually attend! Grrrrr


I was also annoyed with those that would simply grab their own badges or take stuff on the registration table…  Gubby I tell you, grubby!


I realize this is my issue and I need to get over it, but knowing how much hubby and Tom shell out to make this a great event and to have people take stuff that they don’ t deserve really burns my butt! Grrrr….