Breakfast Club on the Rocks

A couple weeks ago we went to Film on the Rocks. It’s a local event here in Colorado. It is held at Red Rocks. Red Rocks is a concert venue. Similar to the Hollywood Bowl in LA. The one major difference – it is not surrounded by super snooty pretentious neighbors. Meaning…  They can have super loud and awesome rock concerts. Well I have yet to experience that part, but I did finally get to see the venue. And it is pretty darn cool!

We got a group of friends to go and see Breakfast Club! It was a great evening. The gates opened at 6pm. Comedy and Bands till sun down. There were some funny dance troups too. Really a great evening! All for ten bucks! Seeing the movie as big as it was, with many of the people reciting the lines, was great! The seating was better than the Bowl, although I can say we learned a lot by watching what people brought with them! They basically re-created their living room! Pillows, bean bags, blankets, food in coolers, on and on… We learned the error of our ways by watching the others!

Beer was of course expensive and the one item you couldn’t bring in – the one difference that the Bowl wins on!

The large bench and concrete seats were great! Not the squishiest, but great to spread out on!

I’m looking forward to the next film that they show there!

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