Weekend with Kim

Weekend with Kim!


We had a great weekend!  Friday Kim arrived!!  We had a bite at the walnut room and them massages at Massage Envy! It was lovely!

I have a couple favorites there and that day was one of the fella’s that spends quite a bit of time on my feet! Ahh…  It was lovely!!


Saturday was shopping with Lori!!  She’s Kim and I’s image consultant!

It was the annual sale at Nordstrom’s! Lori had our dressing room all set up for us!

We were trying on maniacs! We found some good looks! I was pooped by the end! I tend not to have too much energy for shopping and trying on clothes! I’m still not at an opportune size for fitting in generic clothing so that drains me! But we did find some fun stuff! After we left Lori we took a run thru the Rack and DSW. I found some fun pink striped heels and some basic shirts at the rack!


After we made it home we headed to Lime for some din din. Ah. We were stuffed and pooped by the time we dragged our butts the 12 blocks home!


Sunday I cooked up some Cheddar Grits, mushrooms, and an omlet. We had a nice breakfast and then headed out for some site seeing.


We started at the Phoenix Mine. It was pretty neat! It was interesting to see the vein flowing thru the mine!  The guide was extremely knowledgeable! Hubby thinks his dad will really like this place next time they visit!


After the mine we headed toward the Butterfly Pavilion! We stopped at Tuk Tuk. Mmmmm! Drunken Noodles and Godzilla Tempura Roll.


The Butterfly Pavilion was pretty cool! (thanks again to the entertainment book we got 2/1 entrance! Thanks mom)


The first room was crazy, icky, scary bugs, spiders, roaches etc… Blech!

Next we saw some water fellas. Hermit craps, jelly fish things, star fish etc.

After that we finally headed into see the main attraction! It was a really neat place! They were flying all over the place, no fear, just fluttering! Tons of different colors, sizes etc! Such a neat place!


At that point it was time for kim to go home. Boohoo… 

We arrived a smidge early at the airport so we were able to share one more drink before she had to go… 


I miss kim!