Weekend Whatnot

Hot weekend!


It was 105 over the weekend. For goodness sake this is Colorado – land of the rockies!

It was definitely a weekend to know someone with a boat! No luck for us!


Friday afternoon/evening we attended a happy hour at the Celtic Tavern. The place is so big that even on a Friday night when the rockies were playing we were not crowded! Sweet!


Happy hour was bitter sweet. A couple really great friends and co-workers were no longer with the company. Poop.


We stopped by Marco’s for some pizza, wings and canolli’s on the way home. Mmmmm!


Saturday I got myself out of bed and hit the gym for some cardio and weights. Felt good! (Yes, of course hubby stayed in bed!)


Then it was time to cook! Hubby was having a couple friends over for a BBQ. I made my favorite dip, mom’s roasted red potato salad, and we marinated the chicken in the spicy flank sauce.  It was hotter than hot on the deck. The BBQ attendees were arriving at 2pm. We hung under the umbrella. Hubby manned the grill. It was relaxing, food was yummy, beer was flowing.


After they left we headed out to see Bat Man! Hubby and I met a couple friends to see the movie! I really enjoyed it. Although it was long…  really long. And the fact that the joker died in real life – kinda creepy, cause he was pretty creepy in the film. The slurping…  Ugh.


We decided to walk the gauntlet home. 16th street mall after everything is closed. Bizaro land! Goths, regular people, thugs, homeless, horse drawn carts, bicycle carts..  Weird!


Sunday was a pretty lazy day! I started it on the couch with the newspaper and my coffee. Ah. Lovely! I did bills, napped, got the computer for the studio up an running (when we organized the office the other weekend I found an old computer that I could put down there for picture organization), laundry. We finally left the house at 6, and that was only to go get hotdogs to hide Terrance’s pills in! (60 cents for a pack – do we treat him well or what?)


My other latest endeavor is to create a cook book. Put all my fav’s from the blog and otherwise in something I can flip thru. I have my binder… But now I’m upgrading!

I found Blurb but I’m not 100% sold on it. The picture is on the wrong side of the recipe as far as I’m concerned and I can’t find another layout I like. If you have a book software that you like let me know! Otherwise I’ll suck it up and use this and if you want a version of the book for Christmas let me know!