Helluva Day

Heeluva day!


So this afternoon I’m heading back to the abode after a meeting and as I am about to turn left onto our street…. BAM! A fella in the right lane makes a sudden left hand turn in front of my car! A LEFT HAND TURN!!!!!!!  ARG!

So of course I can’t break hard enough or fast enough, but I’m pretty sure I had both feet on that break peddle! He did manage to not go too far, so it was just my front right side and his front left side… Ugh! I had happened to be on the phone with hubby so I had him come out and check it all out.

So my poor baby – that would be my X5 – has damage…  ugh! The one saving grace – the air bags did not deploy! I was just watching a modern marvels show about crashes and how they deploy, and my car has 8! I certainly wouldn’t want them all coming at me for something like this!!

The fella got out and admitted it was him. He had not seen me and had just saw the parking spot and had just turned. Sigh…  So close to home, yet so very far…

The damage is basically my front right panel, perhaps a bit of a bend over the wheel, some scuffing on the light and some of the front low bumper…  I think he was worse for the ware…

Sigh. What a day!

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