Cookbook options!

I was moping about that the products i had found to create a cook book were not quite what i wanted.

I decided to try Lulu – but you have to do everything in Word and then upload it.

I was like, heck if i have to do everything in word, the i might as well print it myself.

Then a lightbulb went off! Kinkos!!!

So I checked out their sight and they have the coolest thing! A plugin that uploads and offers print options to Kinkos!

It’s a great little thing that installs itself right into Word! Sweet!

I’m so super excited! I’m going to do a test run of the cook book when i finally get it all typed, copied into word! (I’ve got veggies and chicken in so far)

Then i’ll know what pages need pictures and i’ll work on cooking those favorites!  :)

I like to have pictures when i cook!

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