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Weekend of chores and fun!

Weekend of chores and fun!


Saturday it was a bit cooler in Denver! 70’s! So I got a bug up my butt to clean, clean clean! And besides that it appears our maids are now MIA – I’m claiming deported, hubby doesn’t agree!


We also went FreeCycle and Craig’s List happy! Clearing out some stuff!

The whole first floor is mostly de-cluttered! We ordered smaller dog beds so we can reclaim some of our precious and gorgeous floor space! The upstairs office closet has been re-organized and most things are once again accessible! Hubby keeps claiming we need a storage unit – I claim we need to give up some stuff!


Saturday night we did a quick sweep of the country side to do our errands! Costco for soda and cascade (I tried the Melaluca stuff – no way, no how, it doesn’t’ even come close to my cascade – so much for being green there!), Home Depot for Lag Bolts for my/our new shelves in the garage and for some string and eyehooks to get the xmas tree to hang from the roof, and finally Target for groceries – and much to my dismay they were not accepting their own coupons due to counterfeiting that day – Grrrrrrr! So I made the poor little cashier take back a whole bunch of stuff that I only got cause of the dang coupons!


After our shopping adventures we watched Cloverfield. I got nauseous! I warn anyone that can’t do the motion rides to drug up prior to watching this film! I made it thru about 5 minutes and then listened to rest! Thank goodness I can see the TV while cooking! Whenever the camera would even out for a smidge I’d catch some scenes, or hubby would rewind once in a while and show me something interesting!


Sunday we awoke and did a mini hike! It was supposed to be a 1.1 hike to the top of an 8500 foot mountain. The book was wrong, it was more like a .8 mile hike…  Barely got our heart rates up! Sigh! But it was really pretty and I might recommend it for a sunset hike!


We got home in time for a late breakfast and then off to the garage to hang shelves and the Christmas tree! We, well probably me measured wrong so we had to go pillage a 2X4 from the trash out front left over from the construction of our fine homes! Basically a 4 foot shelf that hangs on brackets is really a 4 foot 1 inch long shelf! Our wall section was exactly 4 foot. Sigh!


We also got he Christmas tree strung up from the roof on eye hooks! Kinda ghetto looking, but out of the way! I tried to take pictures, but the camera battery died and I can’t find the other one I had on the hike with me…


Full weekend!

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I’d love to see your tree all strung up!! Does it look like you strung up a dead person?! LOL!!

Sorry your hike was so short!

At least you got some stuff done…

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