Something in my craw

Something in my craw


There was something that occurred this weekend that I have not been able to let go.

It doesn’t matter the specifics. But basically someone I have never met was very rude and confrontational about a situation that really could have been handled differently. This will be a person whom I will be interacting with occasionally and they with me. This was a situation that could have been handled with tact, friendly faces, and common courtesy.


I’ve been mulling it over. I was in a crappy mood all day Sunday because this was how my day basically started. I’ve tried to move thru it. I’ve tried to talk thru it with hubby.


The sentence that really kills me was this “It isn’t a problem, but it’s getting to be”.

It really kept me from giving 2 hoots about this person or their issue. They had jumped out of their car with enough angst and piss and vinegar to start a south Boston brawl. I luckily kept my mouth shut, replied – thanks (with a side of dick head under my breath after he left), but it really left me wondering who this person thought they were.


I’m a little put out at the attitude. Ok a lot put out! I guess I could take the side of – maybe the attitude was based on some other events prior to our discussion.  But really – you get more bee’s with honey than with vinegar.  So keep that in mind today, and if you happen to see the weenie that ruined my Sunday – pee in his cheerios!




2 thoughts on “Something in my craw

  1. I can do that… let me at him… want me to beat him up for you? I can do that, too!
    Who is the little sh*t??
    How dare he make my sister upset!!!
    The toad!!!
    The Dork!
    The Poopy head!!!!

  2. Amazing how often that stupid phrase is used by the ‘illiterati"!
    ie: people who don’t comprehend that it really makes no sense at all:-)
    Sorry that the clueless, ignorant, unenlightened ,block headed ,pea brain twit
    numbnuts ruined your Sunday,

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