Packed weekend!

Packed weekend!


Friday hubby and I picked up my cabinet deal of the week! Came with a free countertop!

Me: I read the listing on craig’s list and skim to the bottom where it says all 3 for $50. I reply and then notice that the $50 was regarding the mirrors not the cabinets. Oh well, I never seem to be the first one to the party on these things anyway.

Seller: They are still unavailable, call my wife.

Me: Crap – I call the wife, but the number is wrong. I email the seller explaining I mis-read his ad, and that 250 was a little too much for my budget, but good luck to him.

Seller: Well, it also said or best offer and since no-one else has responded, it sounds like such to me

Me: Woohoo!!!!



Since my ability to eye ball how things will fit, and my idea that my vehicle is huge, let to the counter not fitting. And it was like 9 feet long too. Sellers were gracious enough to let us return the next day for it! Sweet!


Saturday morning we start with my last craig’s list adventure and put up the ceiling rack. I’m not sure how they managed to build our ceiling, but they put beams that were about ¼ inch cause every time hubby found a stud, the screws before and after the main nail went into air… It took about 2 hours longer than it should have, but it was up eventually!


Next, remove all the junk from the end of the garage. Shovecabinets in place. Determine which side we wanted the “gap”. The 3rdcabinet wasn’t going to fit! We decided to leave the gap where the plumbers had put the air intake and the clean out valve for my sink!

Next was to hack out the back of the left cabinet since theplumbers also angled their pipe in the corner. Worked out well!


We determined we needed 80 inches of counter. So we could hack it to pieces and fit it all in the car! Woohoo!


As we were heading to Costco and SuperCuts the seller’s called and said that they would be available to pick up the counter. Ok, so no hot dog and berry sundae for me today!


We stopped at Toast – a cute little place down in Littleton that we have seen for the past 3 years and never stopped at! It was great! I had the Reuben – it was really tasty, a little light on the sauerkraut, and heavy ,seriously heavy on the butter, but filled my tummy! Hubby did the bacon cheese burger with a fried egg! We were pleased and it was a great location. It might end up be a destination on a bike ride in the future! Nummies!


We got the counter home, and headed to Costco, Home Depot (needed liquid nails to finish the job), and Supercuts – can’t have hubby looking like Wolf Man for too long, no matter how sexy it is!


We get home, I deal with the Costco aftermath – meaning me and the food saver action! Hubby goes and removes all the left over good from the counter. We got it on, places great, and proceed to empty boxes into the cabinets, cover the counter top and all the space in front and basically made it look just like it did before we started in the morning! Ugh! We still need the upper cabinets! Then we’ll be cooking with gas!


At that point it was 6ish…  Time to try out the grill – hubby finally got our propane one converted to the natural gas!  Hot links it was!


Then with nothing on TV we decided to head to down to Plaza deel Arte to check out the chalk art! Good thing we did, cause I was awoken Sunday morning to raindrops hitting the windows over my head! I felt so bad for the artists. There were a number of really cool ones this year. Here’s one i really liked!


Sunday was a visit from the boobers! They didn’t really rememberme, probably because I was out of context, but they warmed up after their dadleft and they were stuck with me!

It was great to have my little guys to snuggle with! We played ball in the house, took a walk till they got too hot, took a ride in the car to get lunch, hung on the roof, napped in the big bed, watched TV on the couch, and finally it was time for their dad to come retrieve them. All in all it was a very nice day for me! It was a might stressful for Terrance since he was banished to whatever part of the house we weren’t in. He’s not so social.