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On the roof

Left on the roof!


Last week one of the local radio stations talked about leaving things on the roofs of cars.

One time I left my gym bag on the roof of my mama-mobile (Chrysler mini wagon with real wood vinyl siding). I drove out of my apartment complex. I lived on a divided highway so I had to head away from where I was going, u-turn and go back.


As I was gaining speed I heard it. That sound. The thump. And the realization of what had occurred. Since it was a divided highway, there was no easy return to the scene of the crime. The bag contained my favorite yellow walkman, and some great workout clothes. When I finally circled around the bag was gone. Not squished, nothing splintered all around the ground. So where did it go?  It was the day before my birthday. Sigh.


That night I got a good friend to come over and we made signs asking for the finder of my bag to please call so I could get it back. And lucky me! They did call and I did get my bag back with all my lovelies tucked inside!


I was very lucky!

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