Night out and generalities

Bubbah Terrance is doing a smidge better today. We have figured out how to keep him doped up on pain pills so that he can traverse the stairs. He’s not crying when he sits, nor when he gets up. That’s definitely a good thing!


Bubbah Phillip is sick and tired of all the attention being bathed upon his evil brother! He just looks at us like, hey, I’m good child, pay attention to me, praise me!!!

I just remind him that his brothers days are currently numbered and that soon he just might be an only child!


Last night I went to a showing of Sex and the City! It was great! Loved the plot line, and seeing the gals together again! The nudity was a little disturbing since it was 3 stories tall – or felt like it was anyway! I know, I know, I’m weird! But I loved it! Loved the ending!! Loved it all! I laughed I cried, it was better than cats!

The only bummer to the evening, was that 1.5 hours into the movie the fire alarm went off.

Yes,the flashing lights started going, the projector stopped, the lights came on…What? I don’t smell anything, can’t we just see how it ends? I was concerned that if we came back for another showing I’d have to sit thru the first ½ again.Ugh!! But as luck would have it, it turned out to be a false alarm, so they letus back in and gave us a free ticket to another movie! Woohoo – I think it might be the "He’s Just Not That Into You" one coming out in the  fall! It’ll be another chick flick night!


Prior to the movie my friend L and I at ar Marlow’s. It’s a good old boy place, but dang is the happy hour affordable!! 12 oz draft beersfor $2! Sweet!

L and I split our entrée and got an appetizer – The halibut with lobster mashed potatoes and spinach and artichoke dip!  Lovely meal! A little noisey, but we had a nice time!

The waitress was pretty attentive, but the bar tender was overwhelmed!



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