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Maybe sharing everything isn't all it's cracked up to be!

Maybe sharing everything isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!


I awoke Tuesday morning with a sore throat. Dang. Sucks to be me! I took me some Airborne hoping it was just flight ickies!


I headed down to the new office location. The new location which now requires me to drive. And spend a ton of money on gas and time in my vehicle.


But I digress – After I got work I started to get tired. Pooped tired.

So I headed home to enjoy my lovely bed!


I did some research and there is a teeny tiny percentage that a person that has had mono can have it again… Grrr…  I’ve apparently got mono again. Damn husband! Keep that sharing crap to yourself I say!


So I’ve been napping and working, napping and working…  Hoping to get some exercise some day soon, but not sure how long I’ll be pooped and sleeping my days away!

I’ve got all achies, my neck is hurting, my fever is slightand comes and goes and dang it if I just want to not be ill! My right node is not as big as hubbies was, but it sure does feel big, and it almost has closed my throat on the right side!

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That is a real bummer!
So much for teaching your children to share!

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