Japanese Crack

So I think I had the quickest bout of mono or the Japanese really know how to make tea!


Thursday was just like the rest of the week, tired, node the size of Montana, tuckered by lunch time! I decided after lunch to try some of the tea that hubby brought back from from me. I used my “Giant” mug – which is basically 2  mugs, and then I re-steeped the same bag again later in the afternoon.


Around 6, after dinner, I had a burst of energy and decided hubby and I should take a walk to get ice cream! Well I did get a bit tuckered and we diverted for gelato that was a number of blocks closer! I got dulce de leche chip! MMMMM! Then I had hubby head down the block a smidge to check out this pizza place that has been under construction for a couple months. Every time I pass it on the way to work I would look in. So hubby and I were checking it out and Marco – the owner his-self- opened the door and said come on in! Well, we aren’t one to say no, so we did! I looked great inside! All the booths were setup, the wall decorations, etc! He brought us into the kitchen and showed us the cool new ovens – one coal, one wood! Neato keeno! They open Wednesday and we’ll be there! 


After we left there, we hung out and watched tv for a bit. I wasn’t tired. Hubby went to bed, I tried…  I was up until midnight! Ugh! Figured it was caffeine in the tea (I’ve been cutting out most caffeine in my day- only my coffee or latte in the morning). Figured I’d sleep till 7ish – my norm, this week of being ill…

Nope- 6am! Bright eyed and bushy tailed I popped out of bed, started the laundry, did some work, went and got some new (craig’s list) cabinets for the garage, walked to lunch with hubby, walked to work from there…   Still not tired…  Did happy hour – just 1 margarita from the Rio- and back to water, but still was up till 11pm or so! 


So my theory is that the tea is actually Japanese Crack!  :)

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