Hiking the coast!


I heard a strange sound this morning. I was cruising the internet, in my cabin in the woods with no cell service when I heard a sound. At first I wasn’t really sure I had heard this sound, but then I heard it again. It was a gobble. I parted the curtains and there it was… The biggest dang turkey you have ever seen! This thing was probably almost up to my shoulder in height, if it kept it’s head up tall! It was huge! As I was attempting to get the camera he let out another gobble and the “herd” arrived. A total of 5 giant turkeys! They were cruising the front lawn for goodies. These guys moved fast too!  At one point one of them hoped up onto the BMW 7 series of the neighboring cabin – the owners were less than thrilled about that. I was chuckling! I tried to get hubby to wake up and see the giant fellas but sleeping was of more interest to him at the time!



Later, hubby and I headed off to explore the Big Sur area this morning! I had seen on this site, that this was a must do hike! The Ewoldsen Trail. 4.5 miles. No sweat for us mile high hikers! Had to work off some of that fried calamari from the past couple days!

We headed south and stopped at a couple vista points to enjoy the coast! I love how it just drops off and the cool breeze come up!


We found the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and headed in! We started with a quick jaunt to the McWay falls. Such a great location. Definitely a beautiful spot!


Then it was off to our hike! And it was a hike. They were not kidding when they listed it as strenuous!  I’m sure hubby was less than thrilled as we kept going up, and up, and up and up! We went thru a multitude of climate in our hike! Lush redwoods, wild flowers (lots of bees – ick), dry desert, oak groves…  It was very neat! We finally found the top and then had to go up a smidge more for the look out! It was really amazing to be even higher about highway 1 and the coast!


It was a pretty good loop, although the second half brought us by 2 pretty big bee’s nests! ARG! They just love those dead and rotting trees!


Hubby kept telling me to remember that the bees were just doing their job! They each had a job to do (ala Bee Movie)


I was less than amused!


We finally finished our 4.5 mile hike and stopped by the Big Sur River Inn for the burrito bar! You pick your parts and they produce this giant, heavy, tube of goodness! I went with carnitas, white rice, Monterey jack cheese, black beans, guacamole and jalapenos!



We then stopped by our cabin for a nap! 2.5 hours later…  we awoke around 5pm!

Since there was still day light we headed over to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to see the falls! It was a cute hike and a cute falls!


We both had a smidge of work to do so thankfully the wifi has been keeping us supplied!

It’s early to bed and tomorrow we do 17 mile drive before we fly home!