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Bubbah in distress…

Bubbah in distress…


2 weeks ago we brought Terrance into the vet for his monthlynail trim. Sounds benign I know. But Terrance doesn’t like to be touched orhave his feet even looked at. So this procedure requires that he be knockedout!

When he came home he was his normal groggy self and we let him sleep it off…  

But then something wasn’t quite right. He appeared to be limping. We thought he was chewing his feet again, but never caught him doing it.

Then we noticed the limping was on a different foot and then just would be random. We were confused and worried about bubbah Terrance.

It got to the point where Terrance wouldn’t move much, and his limping was increasing. We called the vet after about 5 days and asked if Terrance did anything crazy during his last visit – no one had noticed anything and this place is very good to Terrance, they put him in a calm room for his recovery!  They suggested an anti-inflammatory. So he took that the second half of last week and by the end of the weekend we were extremely worried about him! We got him an appointment for Tuesday. Turns out the poor bubbah has had hip displasia forever and it is now rittled with arthritis.


At this point he’s crying when he sits, crying when he is attempting to get up.

Dr says we need towalk him…  And stairs are bad…  Hmmm….

So we have some fancy drugs for him and are hoping for the best. I’m thinking hubby is going to have some hard choices coming up.

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The fancy drugs just might do the trick.
Time will make your decisions.

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