Yellow Hubby Cured

The cause of the yellow husband has been found!


Hubby turned out to have Mono.

Say what? I will definitely wheedle him about what happenedout there in Vegas!

Unfortunately had the Dr ordered that blood test like she said she would back last Tuesday, we would have known by last Wednesday what the heck was up!

But no, now I have to pay co-pay for the CT, extra bloodpanel, and trip to the GI dr. I think I might have to fight it, but we’ll see. But he’s feeling better, no longer yellow, no longer needing a nap a day! Yeah!


So that means – Hubby is off to today! Yeah!


He left bright and early this morning for LA to meet up with his friend Tim to head off on their all expenses paid trip to !


I’ll be having a pretty good weekend myself! Going to Alonzo Bodden on Friday! Woohoo!


I loved him on Last Comic Standing and have been waiting for him to come to Colorado since! John Heffron has been here a couple time but no Alonzo till now.


Saturday I have a massage booked! Yeah me!


Got Juno waiting from Netflix so I’m going to be partying this weekend!  ;)

One thought on “Yellow Hubby Cured

  1. Hubby misses you! We saw Disney Sea today, pretty cool place, definitely a better park than Ca Adventure.

    Love ya lots.

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