Yazoo BBQ

Yazoo Barbeque Co

2150 Broadway
Denver, CO 80205View Map
(303) 296-3334


I have seen this place but was a little wary about wanderingin for dining. Looks can be deceiving! My boss decided this would be a good place to take our team out today. I must agree! The folks behind the counter and super niceand friendly, and they just want to get you something good to eat! I went withthe ¼ pound brisquit sandwich. Oh my was it good! And the hot sauce iswonderful!

I’ll definitely be back to try the ribs, the bobs and everything else available!

The seating left a little to be desired – so i’ll be going early again next time! And lucky for me they have Hot links on the menu so hubby is willing to give it a try!