Weekend of rooftops!

It was an absolutely fabulous weekend in Denver!

Saturday started pretty slow. We found a coupon and headed to Sport’s Column for lunch on the deck! It was lovely!


Later I had some mojito’s on my neighbors deck (we hopped the divider!)


After that we discovered that we needed a door bell that rang on the roof! Hubby’s BFF from high school was in town and had stopped by to say hello! We did catch up with him, so dinner was almost on the roof top deck at Tavern Downtown but it was too crowded – game was almost over. So we dined inside and hubby got to catch up with his friend!


Sunday I worked out while hubby slept and then we took thepaper and our coffee and enjoyed the rooftop deck some more! Great morning! Puffy clouds, nice breeze!


Then I looked up how the bike trails in Denver worked and we found an entrance very close to our house, so we hopped on and rode almost 10 miles! IT was lots of fun and our new fancy bike shorts left us less sore this morning!


After the ride we enjoyed a relaxing lunch with some lime type daiquiris made in my brand new blender!


Mine bit the dust on mother’s day – so hubby had the bubbahs get me a step mama’s day present!

Dinner was with friends down at Thai Basil – sushi on thepatio.(Bancock Roll is awsome!)  It was a lovely lovely weekend! Plenty of Vitamin D to be had by all!


P.S. Hubby is less yellow, feelling better, moving soda and beer back into his diet, and exercising again… Fingers crossed they let him go to Japan!