The cat is away and all hell breaks loose!

The cat is away and all hell breaks loose!


Friday morning the groomer came for the bubbahs. It was going to be Terrance’s first time with the new groomer. She’s a really kick-butt gal. I love her. As Phillip was getting his bath and blow drying is began to whine, his normal "oh whoa is me" whine! Which set off his brother… Uh oh, this could go really badly. We did manage to get him in the van after Phillip was done, and with the muzzle he didn’t go after the groomer!


Friday night J and I went to see Alonzo Bodden. The show was great! The new Improv is really cool! It is all table seating which is really nice, compared to Comedy Works which is really smooshed ranks.  I love both places, but it is really nice to have room to move!

On the way out of the club I had a little drama with the possibility of having lost my keys! I made J turn around and go back to where we had dinner and then I made the bouncer look around and then I made the group of people currently sitting where we had sat move all around, and then I went back to thecar… and the keys were in my purse the entire time! Arg!


Saturday I awoke – early – sigh…  I head to the rest room and the light isn’tworking. I’m thinking great…  I’m noteven sure I know where the light bulbs are at this point or the thingy to putit in the ceiling…  Then I headed to theoffice to see if my Craig’s list emails had been returned and noticed that my monitor wouldn’t turn on… (I had turned it off the night before attempting tomake that go green thing work) I figured maybe I blew something turning it on…  Then I looked around and the whole office was out… Grrrr…

Damn husband out of town!


So I headed down to the garage (2 flights) to flip thebreakers… 

I open the door to the garageand whala- darkness!

Grrrr…  Back up (2flights) to get a flashlight. And then back down (2 flights) to flip the breakers.

I open the fuse box and whala – no fuses are blown… Say what? Grrrr….  Stupid husband out of town when something completely random happens! So I give a call to second line – good old dad! Pop suggest it is due to all the big tornados we have swirling around out here.


Everything righted itself eventually! I popped the garage door to get the car out to go to the gym and the grocery store. By the time I finished all that fun the power had fully returned. Woohoo! I checked in with my neighbors on my way back and they said they had the same thing and that it was back by 8:30 am ish. Whew! Not sure I really knew what to do if it hadn’t come back on – especially on a long weekend!


From there on I rocked the errand train! I dropped off a package to get mailed, took the sewing machine to the fix it store, money from the bank for my Craig’s list item, good will for charity drop off, massage, Craig’s list item pickup, and back home, all in 3 hours! Woohoo!


But it figured it was just typical that crazy stuff would happen when hubby was out of town! Guess we better hide a couple keys around Denver, and keep the flashlights filled with fresh batteries!