Poked and Prodded

Poked and Prodded


I returned home on Monday evening and noticed that my hubby was yellow.

His eyes were a very strange shade of yellow.

His skin tone was not quite right…


He complained of being tired again and went to go take a nap. We were having friends for dinner so he wanted to have some energy for them!


I picked up the phone and called mom – “Hubby is yellow. What does that mean?”

Mom – “Is his pee dark?”

Me – “Yeah, and he’s tired a lot”

Mom – “Probably hepatitis or something with his liver

Me – “How can it be hep –we got the shots for Equador”

Mom – “I dunno, you should take him to the dr

Me – “Like emergency room right now type of thing”

Mom – “Well no, but no later than 8am tomorrow”

Me – ‘Ok”


So I rang the doctor and set up an appointment for the next afternoon. Since they didn’t seem to worried that he was yellow and fatigued, neither were we!


We arrived for our afternoon appointment and the nurse practitioner started asking questions. Are you feeling nautious, does your stomach hurt? Then we mentioned the lump on hubbies next, and as he turned she goes – OH! Yup, I see it! And she was across the room! She dug into his armpits, thumped his chest and tummy, listened to his hear, and was still perplexed.

The doctor then came in, did the same thumping on hubbies tummy, squished his abdominal area and poked and pushed trying to figure out what all was wrong.


They decided that he needed lots of tests. Blood and an ultra sound. Of course it was a big joke that hubby was pregnant!


So we spent a couple hours filling out paperwork, getting poked and prodded some more.


Our technician for the ultra sound was very strange. Her first questions was to confirm that hubby had fasted. Hubby said no. She didn’t like that answer. Hubby indicated that this was spur of the moment and we had just come from the dr’s office. She didn’t like that answer either. She had hubby put on his gown and dang if he didn’t look all innocent and abused! White socks and all! She then had him lie down and joked about him not normally wearing dresses when he was having a tough time bring it up and over his chest. That little bit of humor was the last good vibe to be had in the room. Hubby and I were fascinated by the pictures she was getting, but she was in no mood to tell us what we were looking at nor what anything was. Sigh. Her first comment was – “You’re gassy” Which we both thought was weird – but were guessing stemmed from her anger at him not having fasted appropriately. She also asked again what these were for and we indicated that hubby might have something wrong with her liver – she looked over at him – in the darkened room and said – you don’t look jaundiced…With a little snippy tone. Sigh.  Well golly thanks – what is one supposed to answer to that? We were both like – well that would be why you were the tech and the dr was the dr. She finally finished her thing and allowed hubby to get dressed and wipe the goo off of him! He did not like the goo at all!


We then rushed over to the lab to get the blood work done! Funny thing there – the tech there thought hubby looked weird. He even mentioned after he found out why hubby was there, that we was about to ask what was up with his eyes!  So there ulta sound gal!


The tests were supposed to be stat, so we were anxiously waiting all night for the results.


This morning I put in a call to say hey – sup with the hubby


Reception took my message…


This afternoon I called again and gave my plea that the tests were labeled stat and that I was getting concerned.


The NP finally called back and said they were still unsure what was up and needed more tests. CT Scan and an appointment with a GI specialist… And that the test had been completed stat but had never been called into the Dr as instructed… ugh….


So tomorrow should give us more answers as to hubby’s health!



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