It’s not easy being green!

Go Green!


Going green is hard and the guilt is killing me!

I decided after we moved down town and started going to the hippie grocery store that I really should do my part for the world and environment. So I have been attempting to re-use bags. I had a couple totes around so I put those in the car. I put used plastic sacks in there as well. But good lord, the guilt when we take the wrong car and the bags are at home in the other vehicle. I’m torn between simply turning around and going home – but then I am killing the environment by using twice as much gas… Oh the horror!


Hubby also gets a little miffed if I go too green cause then he has no bags to scoop the dog poop into! So we compromise a bit!


One day I was even an embarrassment to myself! I stopped at *bucks first, got my drink, in a cardboard cup with a koozie to keep it warm – ugh! But in my other hand I had my cloth sacks for stowing my groceries! So now I have to keep the cardboard koozies in my purse for re-use and throw a couple reusable coffee mugs in car in the event we drive thru *bucks. It really is hard, but I’m going to keep working at it!

One thought on “It’s not easy being green!

  1. It gets easier as you get used to it. We keep bags in both vehicles…but on occasion we’ve forgotten to put them back in a vehicle after unloading the groceries in the house…and I’ve gotten to the store and go to get the bags out of the back of the car and —– no bags! Ack.

    We get biodegradable dog poop bags, so we don’t use the plastic grocery bags for poopage, so no problem there…although I do use them to line the garbage cans in the house and I’m getting close to running out. I guess I’ll have to conveniently "forget" my cloth bags next time I go to the store. *wink wink*

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