His and Hers weekend!

This past weekend was a little something for him and a little something for me!

We sent to see Iron Man (that would be the him part) and it was really good! Robert Downy Junior was really good! The movie was good! Lots of action, not too much oh my goodness is he going to die, and not very much gooshy love stuff!



I really enjoyed it!


Then Sunday we went to the VIP evening of Chorus Line at the DCPA.

We arrived early to get our free drinks! Gotta love openbar! The dinner was not so bad! Although I think they use real cream and real butter cause my tummy decided to boycott half way thru the show (I know, TMI!) But I survived!

All in all the show was fabulous! I love Chorus Line and it was a joy to share it with hubby! He was surprised at how good it actually was! No intermission, but neat! He liked how it wasn’t about just 1 character. There is no main character, everyone gets a chance to “be the star”. So again, it’s a short run, but worth the time and money!