Falafel King

Falafel King

1201 16th St
Denver, CO 80202View Map
(303) 629-6603


Hubby and I had another coupon from the entertainment book – thanks mom! – so we decided to hit up Falafel King for lunch!

Sorta in between the house and my current office down town!

After decifering the menu and determining what our coupon covered I went with the greek plate and hubby did a gyro!

It was ok. It was pretty tasty for food court food. I’m nota big fan of falafel – mainly it’s a vessel to get the yummy sauce into yourmouth! It was neat that they had little falafel balls. The gyro meat was tasty,the salad was yummy and the hot sauce they pour all over everything – super yummy!  I would like to taste the hummus,baba gannoush, and tabbouli. It in a good place on 16th st (2 locations in fact).

It was a nice outing and fun to see hubby mid day! I definitely have other fav’s for mediteranean, but in a pinch it will do!