Do you know where your sitz bones are

Do you know where your sitz bones are? Or technically the ischial tuberosity?


Today was our first bike ride of the season! It was a fabulous day! Original plan was a 5 mile hike at 7000 feet, but hubby wasn’t feeling good (according to WedMD he either has a urinary tract infection, hepatitis, kidney failure, fat cells or thyroid cancer). So we decided to stick at the 5000 level and do a 9 mile bike ride on level ground!


We arrive at the Barr Lake State Park, pay our $6 dollar entrance fee and then notice the sigh…


“Bikers: You will get a flat tire. Be Prepared unless you have puncture proof tires or the “goo” don’t ride."




We didn’t have any of that.


So we asked the nice lady where the closest location to get some “goo” was.

She said Walmart. Ugh. Middle of not where is bad enough but going into a scary Walmart…  It was all I envisioned and more. Had the teenager with the black eye, the hoochie with her belly shirt – but she was wearing a bra, but the back was too low to cover the strap, the obligatory no teeth crowd, and the losers that don’t know that aisles are used by more then just them and their family of 8. We found our “goo”. 2 kinds and skedaddle out of there!


We finally started our ride around 11am. It was really nice!The description in the book talked about something different, and it was!

You could see the snow on the mountains, the wide expanse of the lake, and tons of birds.

We did the loop counter clock wise, probably not the right way, but the way we chose!

We crossed the dam – tons of really really big fire ants! I pedaled my little heart out!

Next we rode next by the tracks – luckily no trains decided to come by!

At places it felt as if we were right at eye level with the water level – it was really neat!

We got off our bikes at around mile 8 to check out a board walk. It was all crooked and turned alot and ended at a gazebo! Great views! Getting back on the bikes was a might painful.


It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! Not too crowded, not too far from home!


So far this evening I can feel my sitz bones if my pants slide over my butt the wrong way. Ooofa! I might have to take a ride tomorrow just to get my calluses in place for the summer to come! We did run to REI for the last 20 minutes of their annual sale with our dividend check in hand! We each got a new pair of biking shorts! Very stylish and wicking!


I also spent most of the evening cooking and prepping. I am having some friends over Monday night and I said do you want dinner or appetizers…  They said appetizers – that should be easier on you… Bah! I love to cook, so I have 6 things in the hopper for tomorrow. 2 of the dips are made, the frittata is cooling in the fridge, the other 2 have their dry ingredients measured and ready for mixing..  Recipes later in the week – along with the winners!






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