Dinner with the Ladies!

Dinner with the ladies!


I had a co-worker that lived downtown during the work week and then headed to the “hills” for the weekend with the hubby! We were chatting one day and she was talking about how it was a pain to cook for one and she was always eat out. I love to cook – so I said – come over, I’ll cook for you!


So she did and we grabbed a couple of the other ladies from work and had a lovely evening! The brought the wine and I did the cooking!


All my favorites!

Spinach Salad with Chile Cilantro Dressing

Grit Cakes with spicy ranch dipping sauce

Garlicky Green Beans

Asian Cucumber Salad

Spicy Shrimp with Coconut Sauce

Watermelon marinated in Riesling


The ladies brought some fabulous wine to accompany the meal. We gabbed and ate and looked out at the city from the deck after dinner!

They even forced me to let them help clean up and load the dishwasher!

We might start a monthly rotation!