Buying Green!

I’ve been working on the going green life style and have found a couple cool sites I thought I’d share!


Bio-degradable poop bags – at  

I’ll be trying out these little bags for our poop deck in the coming future!



Found these other cool grocery bags at JP Monkey – but the price point is a little too high for me! 


3 thoughts on “Buying Green!

  1. Have you checked your local grocery stores to see if they sell the reusable bags? I got mine at Wegman’s (chain up in these parts) for $0.99 each. I even got ten of them and sent them to Tom Brock. Let me know if you’d like me to do the same for you and John.

  2. I was going to agree with Emma, only I was going to recommend checking out Home Depot. We found bags for $0.99 at our local one and they had nifty little handles that fit over the sides of the carts so you can just throw stuff in. They aren’t the sturdiest because ours have ripped a bit at the seems already but that could just be because I put way too much into it. But you might want to check them out too.

  3. Thanks everyone! Love the info! I did find some more less attractive bags as our local hippie chain – SunFlower, and Target! I think i’ll pick up a bunch of different ones as i see them to keep my grocery shopping fun and interesting!

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