A Day in Motion

A Day in Motion


I started the day at the gym! It was great – not too manypeople made it in so early.

All the machines were open and the girly weightsthat I use were mostly unused! Yeah!


Next it was a walk at Cherry Creek Resevoir with J and her new baby.

Ihad never been and it was a great! Mostly near the water, great breeze, allpaved!

I had a quick nap, and a new out fit and out the door for anotherwalk with one of my work buddies L!

We walked around Cheesman Park(twice) and then had drinks at Irish Snub

Cute place, out door patio on Colfax, and happy hour 7 days a week! Woohoo! 

Then L and I walked to check on her Garden (one of thosecommunity things), and it was a lot further than I thought!

It was really farin fact! It was really neat though! All her little sprouts were super cute!(then we had to walk back – ugh!)


Met another set of friend for drinks after than and then home! My dogs are barkin! And I felt icky from all the sunblock, sweat, and dirt!


I feel like I have been in motion all day long.