Traveling back in time…

Traveling back in time…


Is terrible!


The flight back to state side takes forever! You leave at noon, and get home at 8pm… but there is a whole lot of day time between those 2 activities!


We arrived at the airport with time to spare. The printing of the boarding pass was fabulous! Saved us quite a bit of time in line!


We bought some snacks and European chocolate, nothing at the gift store was worth the 3% hit on the credit card – although the pepper grinder with hot peppers in there was a cool idea – I might have to do that myself!


The security process in is a joke. This is Rome – Capital of the nation, yes? We cruise thru x-ray – no info on what all they want to see – nothing about shoes, no info on laptops, nothing about liquids til you get to the ity bity sign right in front on where the belt that goes into the x-ray machine is….  Grrr…


The next “security” is when we board. They take everyone’s bag and hand search. Which was really a joke. Fully unclear and they almost poked my eye out!


We got on board and then sat. Then the pilot come on and said that someone had attempted to board without their passport. WTF? How did you get from main security to the gate without it? The most important document known to man these days and you lose it in under a mile? So what does that mean to me, this person’s stupidity? It means I might miss my connection cause they have find this dimwits luggage and remove it from the plane… Grrrrrr!  They have him a little while to go retrace his steps and attempt to find it. Say what? I’ve been left at the gate 10 minutes before flight time and this fella gets buy to go find his dang documents? Man is life not fair some days.


He eventually comes back and can’t find it, so then they start the luggage search process…  And you know what else this means? IT means we lose our take off and landing window and do you know what that means? I means we have to wait another 25 minutes before we can take off! HOLY GUACAMOLE! If I could have gotten my hands on that stupid little poop….


It all worked out. We landed with enough time to go thru Heathrow Security – BTW – did you know that they do not require you to remove your laptop from your bag? Why? Do they have better xrays than in the states? Seems kinda weird to me!


Our flight to Denver was delayed so we cruised around the terminal. There were about 15 different duty free stores – and 2 food options. Sigh. As we had managed to get 12 gates away we noticed our flight status changed from delayed to boarding. HOLY CRAP!

Speed walking time! We made it, and we kept the middle seat between us free. We watched the last Pirates of the Caribean movie on Hubby’s I-Touch, read, napped, attempted to eat some seriously crazy food – cheese, tomato, and red pickle relish… ewwwwwwww!   


We landed, the baggage all arrived and quickly, no stopping at customs, and out to our waiting towncar! Did you know that SuperShuttle had a branch called ExecCar? Same as a limo but cheaper and the tip is included when you book on line! Sweet!


We made it home in one piece, the bubbahs were excited to see us, and the mail was stacked 10 feet tall!


It was nice to be home, eating frozen “real” pizza, sleeping in our king size bed with our fluffy pillows… Ahhhhhh….