Spanish vs Italian

Italian is not spanish, but my spanish is definitely getting better.

I have my trusty little phrase and word book and am trying to get my point across to the italians.

Not so much.

Whenever i think the word would not be the same between the 2 languages – guess what – it is!

Like signature – is firma  But pen is mapa not pluma.

Took me forever to find it in the book and it was the same word – grrrr

So every time i attempt to remember an Italian word my brain flips to Spanish. So my conversational Spanish is getting a ton better in my head!

The people here either think it is cute when i try Italian or get 100% annoyed when i do. Very interesting dichotomy.

I am getting more familiar with greetings, but i still want to say Hasta Luego which would probably be a swear word!

I think i’ll do a better job at learning the language if we end up doing another visit internationally!