Saturday 9 Meme (yes i know it’s monday)

Saw this Saturday 9 meme at BlogGem

1. Who called you most recently?

Hubby – he just arrived in Vegas – called to say he loved me and missed me – ain’t i a lucky gal?  :)

2. What was the most recent sports game you watched?
ick. none

3. Who is your most recent friend?

4. What was the most recent TV show you watched?
Law and Order – and it just jumped the shark – they let Ed Green leave… sigh. Replaced him with the annoying fella they tried out on SVU…  grrrrr…. .

5. What was the most recent music that you purchased?
Paradise – Ana Serrano… I Love it!

6. What were the most recent clothes that you purchased?
Bunch of stuff from J.Jill my new favorite store! Really good petite section!

7. Who most recently did you say “I love you” to?

8. Who did you most recently text?
I don’t text…  I know, I’m old!.

9. Who did you most recently kiss?
Hubby before he left for his trip to Vegas to work a convention. .