Italy Day 4

Sunday we awoke and Hubby and Tom had to meet for a breakfast to do Conference stuff.

We got that finished, stuffed some folders for the conference and then decided to get in a bit more sight seeing before the dinner the boys had planned for their speakers and sponsers!


We (ok I) decided in Sforza Castle. The large old castle that we built onto over the years. Multiple walls, motes, draw bridges etc.

It’s a pretty impressive place! The other reason to go there is for Michael Angelo’s unfinished Pieta (representations of a dead Christ and sorrowful Virgin Mary). You can walk around the while thing and see the chisel marks. Very neat. You can also see a while arm that had been created but then "dismissed" cause he didn’t want his statue to go in that direction. It is only 3 euro for the museum but not really worth it except for the statue, if that even interests you. There were some interesting stone carvings and armor, but it was such a nice day out we didn’t want to be inside for too long!

You have to pay for the other museum to see more of the castle – hubby was hungry so we skipped it!

There is also a HUGE central park type of location behind the castle that we hope to see Thursday!

We enjoyed a light bite to eat on Via Dante (a closed off street for shopping and eating). The waiters were very forceful to get people into their location. I had the gnocchi with pesto. The pesto wasn’t green! It wasn’t garlicky, nor was it basily. It was light pasta sauce with extra cilantro. Tasty, but not the flavor i was looking for!  :) I also had them bring me a bowl of green olives – nummies!

We some a fun scatter routine by the castle and along the streets. All the street vendors have their wares on either a sheet or a piece of cardboard that folds up. If someone sees a cop, everyone scoops up their goods and RUNS away! Or at least far enough so that there is another person that the cops will grab! We saw it a couple of times and were amused each time. At one point we came around the castle and saw a couple of them "hiding" in the bushes. We chuckled quite a bit over that one!

Another funny was seeing the logo on the fried dough cart – a bust of a topless woman! I was trying to figure out if is was what they thought the dough looked like? You know like Portland has Elephant ears? Hmmm….

We ended the evening with the Conference Speakers and some of the attendees in the bar! Yeah – Vino de la casa!



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