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The end if finally here

I have an amazing one fifty to go purchase my new fridge with. Yup you heard it, 3 months, 8 phone calls and 4 promised mailings of the check The end if finally here. I received my gigantic check for 150 smackaroos…

I have a few precious 4 letter words to use to describe the audacity and lack of common courtesy of Spirit Relocations. Hubby put in a scathing explanation on the Better Business Bureau on them. They lied numerous time and even lied about sending us a check. They said we agree (as if) that they would send it out on the 5th. Sigh. I wasn’t even sent till the 8th (and that was supposed to be the replacement check for the original). I hate these people. I will do everything in my power to keep anyone from using them. They are not trustworthy, have terribly staff and they lie. Ooooh, if that doesn’t burn my britches…


So the question is where to stick this large sum of money that will go toward my 2000 dollar replacement fridge…  

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Ummm… since the location you’d like to stick that check probably isn’t available, you might consider the bank. ;-)


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